Why Managed Support is better than Staffing ?

InstaCarma prefers providing outsourced and fully managed support to its clients rather than pure staffing. There are several reasons for favoring a fully managed support solution. The two most important factors being lesser management headache and increased efficiency.

Before talking further on this, let us see what do we mean by these terms in the context of web hosting technical support and server management.

Staffing :

Pure staffing means hiring individual people with the required skill set and experience to fill up the vacancies in the web hosting company or the datacenter. Usually, the employees would be working remotely from their own geographic locations because in the hosting industry, it is difficult to work from a physical office as we need 24/7 coverage across all time zones. The employees are managed directly by the organizational or departmental heads.

Managed Support Solutions :

This is an alternative solution where you outsource an entire support process to a company rather than an individual. You just have to let them know what your requirements and expectations are. Based on the nature and volume of the work involved, the company deploys appropriate people and manages them for the smooth running of the process

Advantages of Managed Support over Staffing

1. No management headache : Once you have struck a deal with a company and conveyed your requirements and expectations to them, you can just sit back and see the results. Absolutely no management headache for you. All you have to do is see how your support team is performing and give regular feedbacks in order to improve the performance. Usually, the support company would have robust processes and efficient people in place to manage everything. You can concentrate on other areas of the business.

2. Increased efficiency : There is no doubt that the efficiency would be higher when your support technicians are located at the same place instead of being scattered all around. There would be better communication and co-ordination amongst the team members than people working individually. It is easier to manage them as well. No confusions or misunderstandings either. This would result in increased efficiency.

3. Higher reliability : You do not have to worry about people quitting, going on leave, falling sick etc. More often that not, the support company will have adequate backup to deal with such situations. Hence, you get an un-interrupted and consistent service.

4. Cost effective : If you go for a pure staffing solution, you have to spend money on their wages, perks, other benefits etc. You would also have to spend on recruitment, training, redundancy (backup staff) and attrition costs (maintaining bench staff). Moreover, you also have to spend a considerable amount on having people and systems in place to manage the entire process. It is likely that you would end up spending much more than what you had to pay for a managed support solution.

There are several myths about a managed support solution, especially, if it is outsourced. The most common being that you do not have any control over your support team and that will result in unsatisfactory performance. This is not true. With support companies like InstaCarma, you have full authority and access to your support team who works closely with you, just like your in-house employees, to achieve better results and greater customer satisfaction.

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