10 billion tweets and 600 million daily searches later, Twitter has established itself as a critical element to any social media marketing strategy. Twitter’s success is not surprising though, given its unique balance of business & personal use and high-quality users. Twitter represents a large community of connected and in many ways interrelated people, it is a very convenient place to promote your company and your brand and whatever products or services you have to offer. All you need to do is make a Twitter account for your brand and you can get started. Once you have decided to start promoting your products and services via Twitter, you should be aware of some specific details such as what your target audience is and what your goal is. Of course, you should also have a good plan of how everything is going to work. But, when you have sorted all that out and when you have made you Twitter account, what follows is good tactics. If you aren’t leveraging Twitter’s potential for improving your sales, you are missing out on a great opportunity to grow your business. While Twitter doesn’t seem like an obvious marketing choice at first glance given their 140 character limit, businesses that can harness their creativity and be a little inventive will find that marketing on Twitter has big benefits. Here are a few factors that makes Twitter an indomitable partner for any business-

Easier way to connect to customers

Businesses catering to a particular market or people from a certain location can use Twitter to connect with them. Not just that, businesses can also connect with their existing customers and interact with them to know more about how the business or brand is being perceived in the market. Twitter has millions of users and more people are joining it every day, which makes it one of the best places to look for potential customers. By employing Twitter as a customer service tool you can track large brand-based conversations, including larger dialogues pieced together from smaller ones. Through greater customer contact you can drive brand loyalty via quick response to problems and a willingness to help.

Brand Awareness – simplified

One of the most herculean tasks businesses face is being personable and recognizable to their audience. If you own a small business that is still in its early stages, it is better to create a personal profile first and then create a profile for your company. Once you gain the trust of your followers, you could introduce them to your brand and create a profile to increase awareness about it through Twitter.

Viral Twitter

It is every company and brand’s dream to have content on the net that goes viral. Viral content can reach millions within a matter of minutes. A Twitter message can be retweeted any number of times, which means any useful or interesting message you post can be passed on to a number of Twitter users in very little time. This strategy when applied to your marketing or promotional tweets can bring in great results.

Blog Promotions

Twitter is a bloggers best friend. Not only does tweeting your latest blog post help it get picked up by Google, Twitter can be an awesome channel for driving a torrent of traffic to your site. If you have a company blog as a part of your SEO strategies, the best way to promote it is through Twitter.

While Twitter is taken lightly by many, it is the source of much of the viral content on the web, it creates an excellent outlet to maintain your brand’s image through customer service, marketing and promotions, and it gives you valuable analytical tools to measure your branding success.

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