Proper management and maintenance of IT Infrastructure resources is necessary to run your business smooth and fast. This includes data center, network and storage management to name a few. You have a responsibility to ensure the reliability of services and ensure zero downtime. Mould your infrastructure according to the type of services that you intend to give your customers. Give optimized solutions for niche customers. Infrastructure should be designed around the applications to be hosted, resource consumption of the application, use and abusage of the application and expected traffic. In order to manage resources effectively it is always good to envisage a plan that takes care of future scaling needs too

Globally, all companies are thinking of managing their infrastructure in a better way and this is done with the following objectives:

Functional: Adaptation and evolution of services provided by the infrastructure; performance improvement.

Structural: proper sizing and evolution of the installed base; reduction in energy costs; increase in safety.

Management: reduced costs of operation, maintenance and technical assistance; increase in the quantity and quality of services management.

These needs are there is increasing trend of outsourcing services operation, maintenance and customer care (managed services ). In some cases even the ownership of the technology infrastructure is delegated to third parties: for example, with public cloud services in assisting you to outsource the entire IT platform.

During such stage, a proper infrastructure management software will not only allow you to manage your resources properly but will give you the required levy to go the extra step. The functions under infrastructure management module of HostGems are as follows-

a)      Add Server

b)      Server Audit Report

c)       Hardware tracker

d)      Server Overview

e)      Server Health

f)       IP Management

g)      Network Inventories

h)      Network Overview

i)        Network Stats

and much more…

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