In the past year, DevOps service has witnessed extensive adoption by businesses all sizes across industries with the recent developments such as containerization, consolidation and enhanced levels of security. While the year 2016 has just set pace for these new developments, the year 2017 will be the year of continuing these developments and taking DevOps adoption by the enterprises to a whole new level. With the growing trend of container adoption of DevOps by enterprises, more and more enterprises have opened up to adopt this advancement. Off course, the DevOps tools also still have a long way to go when it comes to their sophistication. So, here are a few of the predictions for 2017, made by the industry experts in the DevOps industry.

Consolidation of DevOps Tools

The DevOps tools market has already begun to consolidate in 2016 and there is more of it to come in 2017. This can be mainly attributed to the demand of a large number of companies for DevOps adoption. A rapidly growing number of DevOps tools makes integration of all these tool, a big challenge. In the coming year, the consolidation of the tools market is expected to happen wherein the consumers of these tools will largely pick and choose the best of the tools, design and freeze their processes based on these tools. As stated by the industry experts, this will soon lead to the advent of such tools that are equipped with end-to-end functionality in order to work seamlessly across the delivery cycle of the projects. The tools market is likely to also see a consolidation with the recent growth of DevOps companies wherein the smaller companies will get acquired by the larger ones. A lot of DevOps services providers have raised capital in the recent past which will strive to get significant return on their investments & therefore a lot of consolidation is expected to happen in the DevOps tools market.


Containerization has mainly driven the adoption of DevOps in 2016 and more of containerization is expected to happen in 2017 too. The industry experts expect that the consolidation in the DevOps tools market and that in the container systems resulting from the systematization of the tools will give way to more containerization in the coming year. So, we can hope to see more adoption by enterprises that would be running their workloads on container platforms such as AWS, as mentioned by the experts.

Integration of security with DevOps

In the recent years, we have witnessed higher security concerns owing to the increased effect of the attackers. Given the growing security concerns in the year 2016, 2017 can prove to put a major emphasis on security to go hand in hand with the Development and Operations. This would integrate security together with the DevOps processes. Without a concrete security infrastructure, one runs the risk of deploying a code without being safe. Such compromise of security can lead to a huge damage to a brand’s image.

Code Automation

With the advent of automation tools to find bugs in the application code last year, the hopes are high that 2017 will bring more of such automation techniques in the area of testing the code, the processing of the data and its reporting etc. This will mean that we can more of automated coding to happen through machine learning in the coming years.

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