Before you consider DevOps service for your organization to embrace this new approach, it is critical for you to develop at least a basic understanding of what all it takes for the holistic implementation of devOps for your organization. Just like agile, the adoption of devOps also involves embracing a set of practices that result from an organizational attitude, philosophy and culture. This is the reason why adopting devOps can be a bit misleading since the organizations are likely to undertake a few of the devOps related activities according to their understanding of it, and thereby, start believing that they have implemented it successfully – regardless of whether these activities define devOps or not. By this, we mean to say that more than being just a set of activities, devOps is a cultural change that an organization needs to make, for embracing it wholeheartedly. So, exactly what all does the devOps culture comprise of? To get there, we need to understand what motivated the advent of a technological approach like this, which is nothing but business innovation. All the business innovation happening, is based on technology and the fast paced technological changes make the whole proposition uncertain. So, with the business approaches like agile and devOps, we try to deal with precisely this speed and uncertainty. So, by now it should be clear enough that devOps, as a philosophy, would profess anything that encourages organizational efficiency, speed and innovation. Having stated that, here are the basics of devOps service you should already know about, before taking the plunge into this business philosophy.

Rise above the organizational silos

The functioning of an organization in silos is the biggest known barrier in the way of implementing the approaches such as agile and devOps. So, for an organization to embrace devOps fully, it is important that rising above these silos, the IT operations and software development arms of the organization work together as part of one team. It is the combination of the development team and the operations team that can prove to be synergistic for the organizational progress with devOps.

Organization-wide adoption of agile method

The agile manifesto includes: “Individuals and interactions to be considered more important over the processes and tools”, “The working software to be considered more important over a comprehensive documentation process”, “Customer collaboration to be considered more important over negotiations on the contract agreed upon” and last, but not the least, “Responding to change over being rigid about following a set plan”. So, as an agile organization, you must believe in continued reinvention and reiteration of your offerings till the time it gets widely accepted in the market. So, in the agile process, each iteration follows demonstration of what has been completed, so as to deploy those results for constantly evaluating their effectiveness – a process that involves constant learning.

Organization-wide adoption of the lean philosophy

The lean philosophy is aimed at bringing in operational efficiency in the organizations by complete elimination of ‘wastage’ (the opposite of ‘value’ – what the customer is willing to pay for). The wastage could be in the form of overproduction, waiting time, defects or the misuse of Transportation/ Processing/Inventories/Manpower/Intellectual capital. With appropriate value stream mapping of the deployment process, an organization can easily identify sources of wastage to be reduced or eliminated in order to streamline the operations.

The adoption of DevOps services by an organization implies that it is going to get only faster and better at its process through constant evolution and improvement in its approach. All it needs for your business is to change its approach or ‘the way it thinks & acts’ in order to get prepared for a digitally advanced and technically strong future. Just as the saying goes, ‘as you think, so shall you become” – this is totally true for implementation of devOps.

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