Carmatec IT Solutions Pvt Ltd, the company behind the reputed InstaCarma brand, is a young, growing company providing remote server administration and technical support services to a global client base.

The work we do :

At InstaCarma we administer live internet servers running industry preferred web infrastructure software, and provide technical help to the users of such servers. The job provides direct, hands-on exposure to various web protocols and daemons (HTTP, DNS, SQL, FTP, SMTP, POP, IMAP etc), leading web frameworks (such as Ruby on Rails), Virtualization technologies (such as OpenVZ), and various industry standard Open Source software and server management tools.

Career benefits :

The job is ideal for young IT aspirants looking for a rewarding and satisfying career in the exciting field of Linux and IT infrastructure management. This is a rapidly growing field and there is huge demand for skilled professionals already. This demand is in fact projected to increase sharply in coming years too. Moreover, InstaCarma itself is evolving and growing fast, so this is an excellent opportunity for people who wish to grow with a young company and make an excellent career.

Current Openings :

We’re currently conducting an entry level recruitment drive for server administrator positions.

Eligibility Criteria :

* Graduate degree or higher from a science/technical stream (preferably BE/BTech, MCA/BCA, MSc/BSc computers/maths/physics, DOEACC A/B/C, Computer science diplomas from reputed institutes like NTTF).
* Excellent written English communication skills. Candidates whose English grammar and spelling isn’t good should strictly not apply.
* Strong problem solving aptitude. You should be the type of person who never gives up until the problem at hand is fixed completely.
* Sound foundation of computer science concepts (such as OS basics), basic level programming (ability to express logic via code/pseudo-code).
* Must be smart, positive minded, social and hard working. Ability to work in teams and maintain pleasant relationships with people is a must

How to apply :

If your profile meets the above requirements then please send in your updated CV to [email protected]

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