The new and improved InstaCarma website, complete with a mascot and loads of interesting videos has been officially launched today. We’re tremendously excited about our new mascot – the Hosting Superhero – an original superhero character we’ve created. The new website has the Hosting Superhero right on the front page listing out just a few of the several facts that make him a superhero.

The website content goes on to explain why InstaCarma and its employees are superheroes of hosting support. We identify and associate so much with this concept that we’ve even created an alias website name – (and .net, .org etc) that points to

Working on the website and launching it has been a thoroughly satisfying experience. Right at the outset we wanted to do things that would uniquely deliver our core service message to visitors.
For this purpose,
(a) we created a mascot for our brand that signifies what we stand for, and
(b) we also incorporated modern methods of delivering content.

The website also talks about some of the enhancements in InstaCarma’s service offerings. We’ve incorporated stuff like video conferencing and the ability for clients to collaborate with their teams through BaseCamp, a very popular collaboration tool today. We’re also very excited about the new modes of support that we’re now offering. Key among them being support through social media, such as Twitter and forums, which we feel can help clients reach out better to their customers. We’re firm believers in the power of social media. For companies, it not only helps their marketing and SEO initiatives, but also increases customer satisfaction and loyalty greatly. It also allows companies to give prospective customers a glimpse of the kind of care they can expect. Hosting Companies would be greatly benefited by adding social media channels to the support options they offer to their customers.

We created the superhero character because of InstaCarma’s stress on providing services of superlative quality. The superhero is also a representation of each InstaCarma employee, who’re the true superheroes
in the way they do whatever it takes to fulfill client commitments. A superhero is someone with superpowers, and that too is a reference to the level of skills that we possess here at InstaCarma.

As far as delivering content was concerned, we wanted our visitors to be able to learn about our company and its services in a most convenient and interesting way – videos. These days with increasing internet speed, videos are becoming an increasingly popular medium for delivering content on the internet, so it made a lot of sense to go with it.

We also decided to incorporate a lot of dynamic content from our blog, which has witnessed a steady increase in its viewer ship since it was started a couple of months ago. We’ve also made it easy for visitors to stay connected with the company, by providing RSS and twitter links on our website.

Feedback is most welcome … in fact, while revamping, the thing topmost on our minds was to increase convenience for the visitor. So all of you are encouraged to let us know your comments. Thanks!

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