We’re pleased to announce that InstaCarma’s Director Arun Narayanan has been invited to speak at HostingCon 2009! We’re thrilled about this of course, and have already started working hard to make sure that our talk is very informative and adds genuine value to the audience.

HostingCon is a great place to meet colleagues from the hosting world of course, its also a wonderful opportunity to learn from them. Apart from facilitating networking, HostinCon also lines up extremely informative and relevant talks on diverse topics with actionable substance. The past editions of HostingCon have included talks on diverse topics in areas like technology, marketing, operations, emerging trends, etc and this time too HostingCon is striving its best to put up a wonderful selection of topics for its attendees. HostingCon receives a few hundred speaking applications but they’re very careful with their screening process and make sure that only talks that deliver real value are selected. We will do our best to uphold HostingCon’s great tradition of delivering unsurpassed content to its attendees.

The details of the speech are being worked out and will be announced soon, both here and at the HostingCon website. Watch this space for more!

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