Mr. Basil Jacobs

Mr. Basil Jacobs

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to Mr.Basil Jacobs, who recently joined our company as Manager of English Language Training and Communications.

Basil’s responsibilities at our organization include:

– Heading training programs to sharpen English communication skills of employees.
– Helping employees have better understanding of the various English speaking cultures.
– Teaching employees country specific idioms and slang words (Mainly US and British usages).
– Improving customer service skills of employees and their ability to reach out effectively to clients.
– Assuring communication quality by checking for English language usage and customer service quality in support replies.

InstaCarma has always believed in bridging cultural gaps as that is a key requirement for enabling effective customer service. We wish to leave no stone unturned in making sure that our employees speak and write the highest quality of English, and are able to communicate very well with customers while addressing their needs. Customer service effectiveness can be greatly enhanced if the employees keep in mind the various cultural contexts and language usage styles while communicating with customers. We don’t want a specific idiom or slang usage to come in the way of our employees understanding what the customer is trying to say, so we feel this type of training is extremely important. Basil has over 20 years of experience & exposure to international business. His last job was with AOL where he worked for about 4 years in a similar role. He provided English training to AOL’s customer service representatives in India servicing US based customers. He also managed various aspects of their customer service operations and had key involvement in various programs for improving customer service skills of their employees. Basil was also empaneled with a few companies such as NIIT and 24×7 Learning to provide English language training at IT/BPO organizations.

Apart from his great experience, Basil is a great fit for this role because he matches the organization’s fervor for enabling great service through effective communication. He sums up his views as follows –
“Growth of an organization depends to a large extent on great customer service skills, and effective communication is a big part of that. Apart from good language skills, cultural knowledge is necessary for connecting effectively with customers. Developing these skills amongst employees is very important for any organization aiming to not just meet but to exceed customer expectations. I look forward to helping InstaCarma raise an already raised Bar even more in terms of quality of customer service provided.”

We’re truly proud to have such a seasoned veteran joining our growing organization! We’re confident that he will add great value to the organization and its clients.

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