We posted on this blog a few weeks ago that InstaCarma Director Arun Narayanan will be speaking at HostingCon. The schedules have been up on the HostingCon website for some time now. You can check it our here.

The session is titled “Exploring Advantages for Hosting Companies in the Emerging World“. There are 2 speakers for the session, one being Arun of course, and the other being Eduardo Vila of HostingPanama.com. The session consists of a talk by each individual speaker, followed by a Q&A session.

Arun will be talking about the many advantages that India offers to Hosting Companies in the US. He will deliver market insights gleaned from years of interaction with industry peers in India. InstaCarma also carried out a market study in India specifically for the purpose of understanding the Indian market better and sharing its learning with industry colleagues in the west. Insights from this research and other sources can all be expected in the talk.

Arun will also share several operational insights, from areas such as recruitment, training, retention, quality assurance and HR management, insights that are very relevant from an Indian perspective. He will draw upon his 7 years of industry experience in which he has worked in several capacities – from core technical work involving fixing servers and helping customers; to managerial roles involving hands-on supervision, training, recruitment, QA, HR management etc; to business development and company affairs. Being one of the founders of our bootstrapped, organically grown company he has well rounded perspectives and sharp insights into running a web hosting support operation. The speech is also designed to act as a bit of a primer to anyone who is curious about India as a business destination in general.

We’re very excited about the speech because its a topic close to our hearts. In Arun’s own words “I’m a firm believer in the fact that in today’s flat world, just as the west can be viewed as a great opportunity by the developing world, the opposite holds true as well because India offers excellent advantages to businesses in the developed world as well. I have mentioned this in one of my slides and I cannot stress enough on its importance so I’ll say it again – if globalization is inevitable, so is a presence in India

The speech has special relevance in today’s times when companies have to do whatever they can to increase revenues and become operationally more versatile and lean. India has always been referred to as a low cost
destination, but in his speech Arun also talks of India as a market poised to boom, and how Hosting companies can benefit by using India as both an operational base to tap its operational advantages and at the same time explore its growing hosting market and create new revenue channels with tremendous potential to grow. It is also a fairly easy market to enter for a business like hosting because remote functioning is easily possible in this industry. Companies in the US can set up operations in India that can initially augment its US operation. Then, as marketing initiatives in India start taking effect, the same operation can serve Indian clients as well. There is no money or
productivity lost as the India operation can be productive from day one by serving the US customers. The kind of versatility this lends is very good for businesses.

The speech also puts operations in India and its benefits into perspective in a much more holistic way. Says Arun “When people think of starting an operation in India, the main thought is cost benefits. But there are several other benefits as well, such as easy scalability due to abundant talent. Sample this – India produces about 5 times as many engineers each year than the whole of Europe put together does! There are also other lesser known advantages such as a favorable legal system, and these will all be touched upon in the speech”.

India is a great opportunity to reduce costs, and increase revenue. This speech will have a lot of great take aways for anyone looking to tap those benefits.

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