The first question that comes to your mind is why to hire cloud migration services for your business, when you can consider giving it a try with your in-house IT team as well. The truth is that making a move to the cloud comes with its own challenges for any business and your business is going to be no exception to it. It is observed that a majority of times the expertise required to undertake enterprise cloud migration projects is not present within the organizations. Sooner or later, the organizations realize this and therefore, the need to hire cloud migration services is felt. Making the choice of the right partner for cloud migration is not only critical to successfully moving your business to the cloud but it also helps you envision how cloud can strategically contribute to your overall business success. So, here are a few important criteria that you should consider to make sure that you hire the idea cloud migration partner for your business:

Technology & Services Together

An accomplished cloud partner empowers your business with the right blend of technical expertise and services excellence that helps you achieve the cloud migration goals of your business in the most efficient manner. So, you must ensure that your cloud partner excels in both of these departments.

Industry Specific Experience

The cloud services providers generally hold experience working on cloud projects for businesses operating across industries. So, it makes perfect sense to ensure that your cloud partner has experience working on cloud projects pertaining to your industry as well. In addition to this, you can also ask them for their customer success stories, testimonials and to get you to talk to some of their past customers.

Scope & Accessibility

If the scope of your business operations is global, you should also make sure that your cloud partner also holds expertise at handling projects of global scope. In that case, you can also discuss with your prospective partner regarding their strategy to address to the local and region specific issues.

Consulting Capabilities

Whether your business has already embarked on its cloud journey or it needs help right from the stage of getting started or it needs to plan and integrate its cloud strategy to support the business strategy, your cloud partner should be able to help you in each of these stages. For this, you should ensure that your cloud partner adopts a consultative approach with their cloud migration solutions which could be tailored to the cloud needs of your business.


Before you zero in on your prospective cloud migration partner, also make sure that their staff comprises of certified professionals to have your back for all your cloud needs. And they should preferably be certified experts at working with the platform of your choice. This will help you get hold of genuine cloud experts and eliminate the players that are in the industry just because of the high demand of this relatively new technology.

Financial considerations

Last but not the least, while you move your business to make it eventually cost-effective, the process of cloud migration is inherently expensive. So, you must ensure that your partner plans your cloud project perfectly and well in advance, in order to roll it out smoothly and eliminate any failure caused by poor initial plans. So, when your prospective partner proposes a realistic plan that takes care of the worst case scenario, you can rely on such a plan, more than one that sounds a bit too optimistic.

Cloud migration, indeed is a success-critical step for your business and therefore, your cloud partner should be the one who can perfectly integrate your cloud strategy into your business strategy for your operations to run smoothly after you have made the move.

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