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Control 360 – Hosting Business Management System

About Control360

Control360 is an ERP, CRM, Self-Service Portal, in short, a radical Support System, for Datacenters and Hosting companies. It is a scalable and robust platform reflecting the latest development in software engineering and could be extended to use ESBs (Enterprise Service Bus) as a business grows. The system design has been fashioned keeping agility as a primary factor and the re-usability of existing components ensures that the system and the UI components could be quickly tweaked without spending considerable time to give the best possible experience in the shortest possible time frame.

Innovative Design Paradigm

We understand that in this highly competitive market-driven business world, there is an increasing focus on the rapid delivery of business value. Rapidly changing market conditions forces Enterprises to slash their budgets and shorten delivery cycles. Control360 is designed in such a way that the development starts from an existing set of proven components which can be used and further customized to a business’s specific needs to bring out the best possible solution reflecting the identity of the company. This helps reduce the cost at the same time achieve the goal of enterprise efficiency, agility and expandability. We have carefully chosen the platform for development so that your code lives longer and you are not tied to a specific vendor. The software uses PHP frameworks and choices of UI given in RIA (Flex), Ajax/HTML.
ERP : You could plan and manage inventory levels, create specific alerts for various inventory levels and even bring in the various decision making algorithms that you use in your company to stay competitive.
CRM : A complete customer management system integrated with existing systems to ensure that your investments are preserved. From our end, we integrate this system to the control panel APIs so that unified changes could be made.
Self-Service Portals : Self Service Portals as its name implies is truly self-serviced and reduces the cost of support as well as makes a company responsive. It provides controlled access to the customer with no delays to reboot or reload a server. Customers could reload the server, view billing information, make payments, open support requests, check out the latest offers to upsell or cross-sell, view Knowledgebase and even conduct customer satisfaction surveys to ensure that they are always in control of their business. Additionally IP Management, Bandwidth Management, Server Statistics also could be brought into the system to make it complete. With Control 360, the possibilities are endless and based on requirements and priorities, a business can pick and choose.
Support System : The integrated support system could give a business an all-round view of their technical support and server management activities. With Control 360, various productivity parameters could be brought in to the Dashboard the way your particular organization runs, instead of going for a fixed layout.
Customer Portal Extensions : We also offer you customer portal extensions on Mobile platforms as well as a client applications in Adobe AIR. This ensures that your company and customers are always connected and your messages reach to them without any delay. This platform could also be used for announcing promotions, maintenance etc.
With visionary technologists, certified operations engineers and technicians well versed with pioneering technologies and equipped with the right tools encompassing today’s technology landscape, we are constantly working on to improve the system. We at InstaCarma, strive to build lasting relationships with our clients and strive to provide a one stop-shop model incorporating cohesive solutions for organizations of all sizes. Your insight coupled with our expertise and solid experience help create high-end web solutions.



“Instacarma has put up sound systems in place, coupled with an excellent team that enables them to provide high quality service on a consistent basis. Its rare finding so many skilled admins under one roof who can handle kernel upgrades and security with equal ease as fixing a broken counter. We owe our recent growth curve to the excellent services from Instacarma”

Michael Lavrik

In our business, clients are often apprehensive about providing testimonials. So a testimonials page only reveals a slice of client feedback. To fully convey the amount of positive feedback we get, we should probably provide a tour of the mail boxes of our managers! “We have found InstaCarma to be extremely diligent and professional in their work. We highly recommend InstaCarma to anyone who needs responsive outsourcing. You won’t be disappointed by their quality of customer care”

Greg P

Hosting Platform Development

In order to be ahead of the curve, an efficient hosting company leverages automation to get things done quickly and resourcefully. However, in their haste to get forward, what most hosting companies don’t think through is the continuous cost of a dedicated team of developers to develop and maintain the applications. Managing a horde of developers not only cost an arm and a leg but finding good developers adept in hosting domain is really tough.

With over 13 years of experience in learning, training and delivering hosting infrastructure, we are in a precise position to utilize the years of amassed knowledge to good use. That is, to help you integrate your hosting workflow in the most efficient manner. We have spent more than 20k+ hours developing applications for businesses to integrate and automate their hosting workflow. The responsibilities includes integrating payment gateways to implementing automated OS provisioning at the node level and VPS level and we have done it all. Our expert team of developers are proficient in integrating the various applications and systems participating in the hosting workflow.

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Typical Workflow

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